Where Do We Linger?

My investigation aims to look at the movement of people in Glasgow. I have completed a series of drawings to highlight some of my observations on the places in which people linger and gather and city.

We move through the city in all directions, an intense web of paths and destinations but what characterizes the places that we stop moving and start interacting?

I looked at contrasts between places that have been designed for this but are ineffective in that purpose, and places that are effective but have not necessarily been designed with this in mind.

The vastness of George Square is littered with benches and patches of green but the front Steps of the Gallery of Modern Art around the corner continuously prove to be a more popular spot to stop.

Similarly, poorly executed attempts to reinvigorate the Clyde by placing benches looking in no particular direction, which are not maintained or related to any other activity, have led to places that next to no one uses. I have contrasted this with a very popular lingering spot on Otago Street in the West End.

These comparisons bring up questions of how we design public space in terms of scale, enclosure, connection to public internal space and variety.


Key Themes: Community Infrastructure, Informal Public Spaces