Movement of Different Species in Glasgow

Rewilding has been the hot topic globally. However, rewilding the city could mean the coexistence between people and the wild animal which might follow up by conflicts between the two party. In order to reduce the conflicts and encourage interaction between people and wildlife, the habitats and the movement of wildlife need to be understood. There are many different modes of animal movement but this research will only use 3 types which include foraging, dispersal and migration and identify how they adapt with the change of seasons throughout the year.

Animal Foraging is the movement of searching for food which carry out by wild animals almost every day.

Animal Dispersal is the movement of individuals from their birth sites to their breeding sites or new territory, as well as from one breeding site to another. This help wild animals to avoid inbreed or competition and finding new territory in the city.

Animal Migration is the movement of all or part of an animal population from one place to another (local or international) which cover a long distance and is usually seasonal.


Key Themes: Ecological Infrastructure, Migration, Wild Animals, Seasonal ChangeĀ