The Weathering City 

This study deducted in the area of Charring Cross and Anderson, explores how the various elements of the environment impact the built fabric and how over time the city is exposed to forces of various weather and pollution by traffic or industry.

The exploration looks into how the weather and climate of Glasgow can be seen in its elevations by photographic documentation.

As well as the rest of the city the area experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year which is present in the elevations of the area. It can be seen as stains and marks on the material fabric as well as with an overgrowth of moss particularly where the building meets the ground.

With close proximity to the M8 the elevations show the impact of pollution from traffic as well as  smoke and soot from Glasgow’s industrial past. This is particularly clear in the black sandstone where the elevation sits close to heavy traffic.

The area is also largely exposed to strong winds for its proximity with and therefore vertical rainfall. This is present on the deteriorating sandstone and flaky paint.

The study conducted aims to show how the built fabric changes over time, influenced by its place in the city and impacted by the climate of its location.


Key Themes: Weather