Access to Nature

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us realise the importance of outdoors spacesand how much we value being in nature.Now more than ever, we need the access to nature, as it benefits our physicaland mental health. However, not every neighbourhood has the luxury of being able to access the greenspaces.Looking at the Glasgow city centreitself, there are not that many greenspacesfor us tovisitbesides the Kelvingrove Parkor Glasgow Green.So howdo we improvethe access to natureforeveryone, especially for the low-income neighbourhoods who has the least access to it?New greenspaces such as parks, gardens or playgroundscould be designed using the derelict buildings or spaces that are currently vacant within the city, and more importantly, we should bring nature back to the city, providing spaces where nature could thrive. It does not even have to be a complete plot of land, the disused railways, or the areasaround theClydelike Govan Dry Dockhas so much potential forsome good quality greenspaces.


Key Themes: Land-use, Well-being