The Study of the Relationship Between Motorway and Railway Infrastructure and Deprivation in Glasgow

In the City Groups project I am studying the relationship between heavy infrastructure and deprivation in Glasgow City Centre.

I am looking at the affect that the M8 and railway from Central Station on the urban condition of Central Glasgow and its depravity.

The relationship between Heavy Infrastructure and Deprivation is not obvious at first but according to the Scottish index of Multiple Deprivation there is a proliferation dereliction, brown-field sites and vacant space across central-west Glasgow and particularly the south-side.

I am particularly interested in the Southside of Glasgow. The districts of Tradeston and Laurieston in particular. These districts despite having a grid have not developed to the same degree as the North-Side, my tutor at the GSA pointed out that it is due to the boundary conditions of the south-side being cut-off by the motorway.

In this project I include a proposal which re-engineers a large portion of the M8 motorway on the Southside underground and pedestrianizes the space created with cycle lanes and cricket pitches for the local Glasgwegians. I have extended the grid, by taking reference from the historical maps of Glasgow to re-connect the Southside and encourage development on the plots of Tradeston and Laurieston.


Key Themes: Community, Land-use, Well-being