Queer Occupation in Glasgow

Discrete, Legal, Celebrated

This short study looks at the queer history within the city of Glasgow through the lens of the urban buildings and areas that hosted the community. Broken down into three keywords to describe what was happening at the time periods in question. ‘DESCRETE’; buildings that the community would congregate under a law that made them illegal to be who they were, a time where being gay in Glasgow was not safe. ‘LEGAL’; places that were used in the height of the queer protesting. When laws were being overturned and the community could finally be out and proud of what they were. ‘CELEBRATED’; where we are in recent years where the queer community can openly be who they want to be with much less prejudice than they had in the past. Queer spaces are more public, and the community is strong.

This should be looked at as an example of how important spaces are to the queer community, in an age of gentrification and developers the queer community needs to fight for these spaces more than ever.

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Key Themes: LGBTQ+ History, Culture, Landmarks