Community No(de) More

In the 1960s and 70s Glasgow went through a radical transformation through the City Comprehensive Development Scheme. Namely, this involved the decentralization and demolition of communities in the wake of Glasgow’s M8 Ring Road. The M8 ring road has created a wound and almost impenetrable border through the centre of Glasgow, separating the centre from East, West and North Glasgow. Subsequently, this has led to the centre of Glasgow losing its sense of community through low building and population density. What was once areas of vibrant community have been bulldozed to leave historic community centers such as Anderston Cross, Charing Cross, Cowcaddens and Townhead detached, unidentifiable and obsolete.

“Nodes. Nodes are points, the strategic spots in a city into which an observer can enter, and which are the intensive foci to and from which [they are] traveling.”
Lynch, “The Image of the City,” 47 

In identifying and comparing historical community nodes which still exist to this day, we can see that the once bustling areas which created these nodes no longer exist due to the destruction induced by the Glasgow Comprehensive Development Scheme. This has left them as monuments to the past detached from their original significance to local communities.


Key Themes: Lost Places, Infrastructure, Community, Civic Spaces