Missing Glasgow, Missing Buildings

The investigation is focusing on the small part of the area in Glasgow, which had significant influence due to the intervene of urban motorway.

The M8 was constructed in the late 1960s, which is a vital arterial link for thousands of motorists travelling in everyday life.

As part of the post-industrial regeneration, the demolition for the immense structure of the motorway had strong impact on lots of regions, like Cowcaddens, Charing Cross, Anderston …etc. Hundreds of widely-admired buildings were pulled down, a great number of streets and ancient road layouts were vanished in the process.

The diagrams show the layouts of historical buildings, streets and blocks which were disappeared beneath the new M8 motorway, and obliterated from the map.

The research only studied a part of destruction of old Glasgow in the city centre. However, from ethical and cultural points of view, it was not merely taking down buildings. Despite the fact that whether M8 is for the greater good or not, there are some things that are lost to us now.

What’s next?

Prior to the M8 motorway

  1. View from Kingston towards Charing Cross
  2. Anderson Cross
  3. The Grand Hotel at Charing Cross, the most splendid hotels in the city
  4. St Georges Cross
  5. Cambridge Cinema in New City Road
  6. Phoenix Park, Recreation Ground, Fountain
  7. St Rollox Works and Depot, 1948


Key Themes: Infrastructure, Motorway, Urban Destruction