Bridging The Canals of Glasgow

In the area of one of the most historically under-supported areas of Glasgow, there is a clear correlation of how the quality of social housing has affected those living there. Glasgow needs more support and construction of higher quality dwellings and developments to bridge the gap in the quality of life between those who live in areas such as Hamilton Hill.

The connection between the quality of life and social housing also indicates a deeper issue of the lifestyle of those under the pressure of living situations created by the high rent prices of their dwelling and the low levels of financial support from the government.

I am planning to add to the proposed development of the Claypits Nature Preserve at the Canal currently underway to attempt to remedy social behavior represented in Image 2. This provides a peaceful and safe environment that connects them to those outside their typical communities. Combined with the development of an outdoor activities center that allows both adults and children to engage with the once regularly used Timber Basin on the water as they did in the past. I propose both of these ideas will provide a boost to employment, health, and social wellbeing of the area. This would prevent the current and future outlook of a situation expressed in Image 3.


Key Themes: Boundaries, Inequality