Who Needs To Leave the House Anyway? Digitally Exploring Glasgow’s Waterways

The investigation digitally explores the landscape surrounding the key watercourses of the Glasgow drainage basin. The drainage basin expands over a vast geographical area in the central belt of Scotland. This is a new experiment in living and roaming during this critical time where use of public transport is not advised.

Streams lead to rivers that feed the landscape we inhabit. Barriers built across a watercourse have a severe impact on the ecosystem of the area locally, upstream and downstream. Subsurface water feeds lochs and rivers, where ultimately all water dissipates in the sea and so the hydrological cycle continues. How well do we understand the scale of the waterways outside of the city boundaries? The natural landscape is a global common without ownership, it transcends borders and nations. These intertwined systems are beginning to destabilize, shift and morph in unpredictable ways.


Key Themes: Water Infrastructure, Ecology, Boundaries