Ethical Choices in the City

This study focuses on social attitudes towards the sustainability and the impact of the environment on social structures in Glasgow. For the study, the focus was on key parts of Glasgow’s identity as a city. Known as the most vegan friendly city in the UK, Glasgow has several vegan restaurants for those looking to eat mindfully. Glasgow is also known as the shopping city of Scotland; however, fashion is the second largest environmental polluter in the UK. Additionally, a study found that only 25% of household waste in Glasgow gets recycled, lower than the national average.

These illustrations seek to highlight the changes taking place around Glasgow, as a result of increased collective awareness about the global climate crisis. Rather than buying fast fashion, the city is home to several secondhand vintage and charity shops where one can shop mindfully and find something truly unique. There are several neighborhood bins and recycling centres where Glaswegians can go to recycle their waste.  Glasgow City Council’s Avenues Project to encourage bike use is a step towards reducing carbon emissions in the city. Additionally, the city council is actively encouraging public transport use to reduce pollution and noise in the city. For instance, Union and Oswald Street are only open to buses between 7am and 7pm everyday to discourage private car use and make one of the busiest areas in the city centre safer and more usable for people. The city provides all the resources for a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle, one just has to seek it and follow it.


Key Themes: Well-being