The Phases of Glasgow’s Regeneration

Glasgow has experienced many changes over it’s recent urban history, some of which have left visual scars and others which have disappeared completely with nothing left but their memories.

The three phases exhibited begin with the expansion of Glasgow with shipbuilding peaking and the boom in population, housing conditions worsening and many living in slum like conditions. The second phase begins post-war attempting to control the population boom and poor living conditions with the displacement of communities to peripheral new towns and modernist tower blocks, with the new m8 motorway infrastructure acting as a connecting link. This also represents the start of the decline in Glasgow’s industrial success, with decline in shipbuilding and other prominent industries. The third phase presents the demolition of the tower blocks, now seen as sink estates, and the new proposals for improving Glasgow’s housing and urban strategies.

Phase four takes us to the current day where we are faced with a new opportunity, to not repeat the previous generations of knocking down and starting over again. Instead, we could look at these as opportunities to learn from and act on.


Key Themes: Regeneration, Social Housing, Lost Places, Community