The Displaced and Deprivation

Focusing on integration, the map highlights the areas which are the most deprived 10% in Glasgow and more often than not, these are the areas in which asylum seekers are housed and refugees choose to settle. The dispersion of asylum seekers and refugees is widespread across Glasgow and are pushed to the periphery of the city which is completely outside of the areas where possibilities of integration, work and economic prosperity are. It is this spatial issue that causes an unjust, unequal and a disadvantaged start for the asylum seekers who are trying to create a new life in Scotland. 

By overlapping these areas in which the asylum seekers are being accommodated with the map of deprivation and poverty of Glasgow, it is to no surprise that they face challenges when it comes to integration and financial opportunities – both of which contribute highly to the state of their mental health. 

Many of the refugees and asylum seekers rely on charities for the integration and support – for example the South East Integration Network which comprise the areas of Linn, Pollokshields, Langside & Southside Central (Govanhill & Gorbals) as highlighted in the map. 


Key Theme: Deprivation, Migration, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, City Boundaries