Layers of Humanity

The project investigates the different influencing factors to street density, taking study samples from different parts of Glasgow.

As part of our Investigation a series of on-site observations were carried out with the first diagram establishing the amount of people and cars passing through the area at one given time.

Plantation, St Enoch Square, and Dalmarnock Cross where the 3 chosen samples. These sites give a contrasting image of Glasgow, showing most clearly its changing character. St Enoch Square, as shown in the diagrams, mainly consists of commercial buildings and pedestrian friendly public spaces, versus Dalmarnock Cross which has a large number of vacant sites and traffic roads; this comparison indicates that the streets become more occupied when built fabric is denser and provides people-oriented activities. Plantation consists mainly of commercial and residential buildings and green space, however its spaced out building density and major wide road cut through the site makes the area less inhabited that the City Centre.

To understand street density further other factors such as past plot size and the average size of the buildings were studied. There is always a large focus on car prioritisation areas and the impact it had on the surrounding city and its street life.


Key Themes: Density, Infrastructure