Social Capital & Social Connections

“Social capital refers to connections among individuals, social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them”

A social capital focuses on the social connections, and the benefits and resources that they contribute to the wellbeing of citizens and to the community. A social capital can facilitate a more socially united, sustainable and resilient city.

The following categories of Social Connections assist in the development of a Social capital.

-Social infrastructure

-Street life & meeting places

-Sharing spaces & places

-Education & learning

These social connections are crucial in developing good-neighbourliness, a welcoming character, co-operation, trust among citizens, improving social and economic outcomes for all people.

The following diagram maps several social connections across Glasgow’s 9 city centre districts. The diagram represents visually which districts have higher social connections and where the gaps exist. The intention is to provide a solid view of the spatial distribution of social connections across the city centre of Glasgow.


Key Themes: Boundaries, Inequality