Regenerating the South-Side of Glasgow

The context of his thesis is about the idea that the problem of dereliction and deprivation can be solved through regeneration in the form of improved public space and building design. The thesis looks at the themes of public space and regeneration and how they can be used to connect neighbourhoods and encourage the development plots by increasing desirability by increasing design quality for the user. The thesis also looks the concept of industry within the city rather than on the periphery or in another city and the concept of making things within cities rather than sourcing products from the other side of the world saving Jobs, time, money, and carbon emissions.

I recognise that the processes and systems involved in a Victorian industrial economic model were not environmentally or socially ethical, relying on foreign and under-aged low-wage labour as well as fossil fuel ‘extraction which resulted in pollution, health defects, crime and would have contributed to the deprivation and vacancy that we see today. The aim of this thesis is to provide a solution to Glasgow South-Side’s problem of dereliction and vacancy in the form of a proposal which includes aims to improve public space tough connectivity and regenerate the area with industries making products within the city in an environmentally and social ethical way.