Life of the Streets

In this short film, I have looked into the life of the streets in the Gorbals. ‘Gorbals famed for its community spirit which could not be crushed’ When I first visited this area of Glasgow I became fascinated with how quiet the streets were on a Saturday afternoon. In my head, there should have been kids out playing on their roads and greens, a Saturday afternoon of my childhood in a similar predominately residential area. I wondered why ? Why does this area which is in a prime location of the city feel like it’s lost so much of its sense of presence and community? Redevelopment of the Gorbals has left little to none of the old fabric, both architecturally and socially. This is what I have tried to portray through the film and maps. Both show the old life of the Gorbals and the energy that used to be present in contrast to the atmosphere of today. Now it is hard to even identify the main nodal point of the area, a place where there are shops, services, interaction and an abundance of life.

Photo Credits Getty Images Nick Hedges Photography Oscar Marzaroli


Key Themes: Community, Demolition, Street Scape