Glasgow Mega City

Glasgow is a city of relatively low lying and small scale buildings compared to other cities around the world or even in the U.K.. How would the introduction of Glasgow’s first “Mega Structure” impact congestion in the City and would this be a viable Architectural Typology for the city?

I Intend to investigate how the Introduction of a “Mega Structure” to Glasgow’s City Centre will impact congestion in the city and how a Hybrid building of this scale would be behave in a city that has no other buildings like it.

Looking to other cities in the United Kingdom such as London and Manchester as examples for scale and site requirements, I intend to design a Mixed Use, Dense Hybrid building that will enhance the experience of the city for the pedestrian and increase the density of residences in the metropolitan heart of Glasgow, which issomething the City Council is already working towards.

By looking at the writing of Rem Koolhaas, and his insights into the “culture of congestion” in the city of New York and at examples of other Dense hybrid buildings around the world, I intend to find the correct balance of scale and program that fits into the City of Glasgow.

Given that the building is of such a large scale, it will be important to look at ethical design options for both the construction process and the program, giving thought to materiality, construction method and aesthetic design, along with ways in which a building can give back to the city.