Divergent Cuisines

Govanhill is a neighbourhood in the south of Glasgow which is the most ethnically diverse in the city by some distance, containing the lowest proportion of White British or Irish, the highest White Other population, and one of the largest Pakistani populations.

One of the most impressive aspects of Govanhill is the quantity of different foods on offer, from falafel wraps to fried samosas, spicy curries to hot noodle soup, a rich gastronomy exists while being accessible within a 10-minute walk from Victoria road.

Activities around food are inherently social as people are brought together while shopping, cooking and eating. Food can be used as a tool, a vehicle into unfamiliar cultures, a way of creating bonds between different human groups not normally associated during the day to day within the city.

To celebrate this culturally rich district, I examined the restaurants, take-aways and food stores within the neighbourhood and mapped the different locations of the cuisine. The produced store-front drawings look at the representation of these food establishments and how identities can be read within these façades.


Key Themes: Community, Identity, Food