Between Form and Life

The main consideration relating to the form would be thinking about its permanence in urban environment.

I’m interested in looking at longevity of urban patterns and an important part of that research became the observing and studying the examples of the urban communities that maintained its original patterns over the years.

In relation to Glasgow, the Industrial Revolution and further on modernist movement and the technological improvement over the years brought an immense impact on architecture and especially urban fabric of the cities. Urbanity, then directly influences the patterns of living in the city. As one of the results of that civilisation progress, in some places the sense of community was lost and the problem of social isolation became more and more apparent. I am planning to investigate how these changes could be tackled with the means of architectural planning and how design can influence the patterns of life.

The investigation would include thinking about what are the preconditions that contribute to creation of good cities and good places to live and the main determining factors of analysis would be look at interaction, exchange, choice, density and adaptability.


Key Themes: Land-use