A Place for Culinary Exchange

Intervening in the existing built fabric to represent the migrant cultures of Glasgow through a piece of social infrastructure, conducive to social cohesion.

My thesis is motivated by the effect our built environment can have on our social well-being, and the role of social infrastructure in the city. So I have proposed that through pursuing inclusivity, whilst establishing belonging, you can design a place that promotes community cohesion and fosters social resilience.

Various social fractures, worldwide events, cultural attitudes, and political decisions, have created and highlighted major divisions in society. This is what has pushed me to explore my chosen thesis.

Architecture can be a narrative; a record of customs, traditions, and personalities. So by representing Glasgow’s migrant cultures, I am viewing it as a truly cosmopolitan city, with culture at its forefront.Cultural identity can be demonstrated through food and this is the key programmatic driver for my scheme.

The variety of experiences centred around food, provide various opportunities for meeting, sharing, and participation. Ultimately creating a place for people to gather, develop shared understanding of cultures, and be inclusive to the diverse population of Glasgow.

Architectural Technology Thesis:

Learning from the material and shifting cultural and social context to propose an alternative urban fabric. The architecture should strike a balance between a contextual relationship and diversity. With the overall ethos of promoting permeability and transparency